Handle the null pointer exceptions

Best way to handle the null pointer exceptions

What is the best way to handle the null pointer exceptions? Null is a common enemy to all the developers…

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Git Branching & Merging

Git Branching and Merging with Master

In this article, We are going to learn the basics of Git and Git Branching and Merging with Master with…

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Don’t be afraid to re-write your code

Why you should re-write your code? In a fast-paced development environment, it happens that we write code that we feel…


List interface With Example

A List is an ordered Collection (sometimes called a sequence) meaning you can access the elements of a List in…

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Collection Interface

The collection interface is a root interface of java collections framework (java.util.Collection).Its general declaration is, Interface Collection <E> The core…

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Java Collections With Examples

In this article, We are going to discuss Java Collections With Examples. Introduction to Java Collections with examples: Java collections Framework…


Class and Object

This section we are going to show the structure of the Class and Object and how to declare method, fields,…

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Encapsulation in Java OOPs

Java Encapsulation is one of the key oops concept and its nothing but binding the code and data member in…


Java CountDownLatch with Example – Concurrency Tutorial

In this Java concurrency tutorial, we will learn About Java CountDownLatch with Example, How CountDownLatch works Java. A synchronization aid…

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Java interface with example

Java Interface with examples:- Let’s talk about Java interface with example.An interface is a reference type, similar to a class,…

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