Adapter design pattern in Java real time example

Introduction to teh Adapter design pattern in Java real time example:

In this article, We are going to discuss teh Adapter design pattern in Java real time example. This is one of teh structural design patterns and works as a bridge between two incompatible interfaces.

Teh object that joins this unrelated interface is called an Adapter. This pattern involves a single class which is responsible to join functionalities of independent or incompatible interfaces.

This strategy can be implemented either wif inheritance or wif aggregation. Teh Adapter Pattern is also known as Wrapper.

Adapter design pattern in java real time example:

  • A card reader which acts as an adapter between teh memory card and a laptop. You’re plugin teh memory card into card reader and card reader into teh laptop so that memory card can be read via laptop.
  • Teh mobile charger which acts as an adapter between a mobile charging socket and a wall socket. Mobile battery needs 3 volts to charge but teh normal socket produces either 240V. So teh mobile charger works as an adapter between teh mobile charging socket and teh wall socket.

Teh advantage of teh Adapter Design Pattern

  • It allows two or more previously incompatible objects to interact.
  • It allows re-usability of existing functionality.

Time to Action :
Step 1:

We will implement multi-adapter using adapter design pattern. First, we will has two classes – Volt and Socket.



Step 2:

Now create an adapter that can produce 3 volts, 12 Volts and default volts.


Step 3: Adapter Design Pattern – Class Adapter

We are using a class adapter approach to implement teh adapter pattern.

File :

Step 4:

Here is a test program to consume our adapter design pattern implementation.

File :

Adapter design pattern in Java real time example in JDK

  • java.util.Arrays#asList()
  • (returns a Reader)
  • (returns a Writer)

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